It’s competition time for American fans! Who wants to win a signed copy of the Pilot episode of GalavantDeadline is Saturday, Jan 31st, 6 days after the final episode of Galavant has aired. Here’s what you have to do:

Galavant scavenger hunt: Rules

1. Each Monday around noon (L.A. time), the name of an item will be posted here, along with which half of the episode it can be found in.

2. Re-watch the latest episode of Galavant and find the item listed.

3. Take a close-up picture of it (with your phone, camera, tablet, etc.) to prove you have found it.

4. Email it to, with the subject title “Galavant Scavenger Hunt – (your name)”.

5. Wait.

The winner will be chosen at random, out of those who manage to find all 4 items, or the closest to it, and will be contacted via email.

Scavenger Hunt:
Item 1/4 = Black heart: Episode 2
Item 2/4 = Green bag: Episode 4
Item 3/4 = Red cross: Episode 5
Item 4/4 = Two green jewels (side-by-side): Episode 7

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